Scotty Cameron Champions Choice 2023 Newport 2+ Button back - GOLFPARTNER

Scotty Cameron Champions Choice 2023 Newport 2+ Button back

Scotty Cameron Champions Choice 2023 Newport 2+ Button back


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Limitierte Edition in 34 Inches, rechtshand

Inklusive Original Headcover


Designed by working with the game’s best players at Scotty’s Putter Studio, the limited release
Champions Choice Newport 2 Plus Button Back is a bit wider for players looking for a slightly
bigger blade and even more confident alignment. Coupled with the sweet feel of Teryllium, this
eventwinner is a glimpse into the future of Plus model putter development.

Milled in the USA from solid 303 stainless steel, with an Ibeam plumbing neck and an
integrated 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate, this new model includes Scotty’s celebrated
Teryllium inlay fused to the putter head with improved vibration dampening technology and a
threebuttonheadscrew configuration for enhanced feel, solid performance and higher MOI.

Accessorized with a matching blue and white textured Pistolini Plus grip and specialty
headcover, the championthemed red, white and blue color palette expresses Scotty’s Art of
Putting philosophy with this very special limited release offering.

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Prized by putting purists as an insert with unmistakably soft feel and a character revealed over
time in a rich patina, the incorporation of Teryllium and the celebrated Button Back design
expresses the heritage of this timehonored putter face inlay.


With a Teryllium insert expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head and integrated
with an engineered 6061 aluminum sole component, each precision milled Champions Choice
model proves that complementary materials deliver outstanding performance and feel.


The traditional elastomer of the original Button Backs has been supplemented with the addition
of a hightech vibration dampening material placed between the Teryllium inlay and the putter
head that provides unmatched feel and feedback

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